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Elder Vivian Santimore Grubb

Elder Vivian Santimore Grubb is the anointed Pastor of True Holy Church (City of Refuge) in Brooklyn, New York. He is a native of Jamaica reared by his parents in a Pentecostal upbringing.  Known for being humble and humorous, he is also a uniquely gifted charismatic preacher and a visionary leader. He preaches a powerful message of transformation.  He is on fire for God, he love God's people and he is charged with making disciples for Christ.  He believes that it is the church responsibility to be a light of hope, to instill change, and to spread the word of God.  


God continues to use Pastor Grubb mightily to uphold the legacy of the church as a “City of Refuge.” His leadership has effected positive change in the church and the civic community at large. Under Pastor Grubb’s leadership, the construction of the church's current structure, the first phase of a strategic building project, was completed, with the congregation occupying the new facility on March 20, 2005.  In addition, the church has a successful food pantry project that feeds over 33,000 people per year, as well as other programs and services.  


Pastor Grubb's God-directed developmental path prepared him to handle his ministry. Even as a youth, he  was faithful and was involved in ministry.   Pastor Grubb was saved at the age of 17; he was a Deacon at True Holy Church by 1989, a licensed minister by 1991, and an ordained Elder in the United Church of Jesus Christ by 1999.  God continued to elevate him and after 13 years in Corporate America working for Merrill Lynch, things began to unfold in his life that showed him he was called to full time ministry. In that period he experienced illnesses and setbacks, but even amidst losing his job, contracting meningitis, and developing a blood clot, he understood that God was leading him to ministry, and he pressed forward in answering God's call.  


In 1994, Pastor Grubb received a Bachelor’s degree from Baruch College and in 2010 he received a Master of Arts from Westminster Theological Seminary with a concentration in Urban Missions. He has held several leadership positions, including International Youth Leader of the United Church of Jesus Christ (2000-2006), Executive Member of the Hope Consortium, a prison ministry group, (2007 to present), New York City Field Director of the Prison Fellowship Ministries (2005 -2010), Ministry Fellows Faculty at City Seminary of New York (2013 – present), and the New York Representative of the Christian Association of Youth Mentors (2013 – present).  In addition to his leadership positions, Pastor Grubb has preached in churches all across the United States, as well as overseas, and has successfully evangelized for extended periods of time throughout his ministry. He has been recognized with awards and certificates during his ministry, including the Habitat for Humanity NYC Richard Wong Faith in Action Award in 2009.


He and his wife of 23 years, Lady Beverly Grubb, a woman of prayer, have labored together to build God’s church and his people.  God has blessed them with 3 kids: Majesti, Christian, and Gabrielle. Throughout their marriage, they have diligently worked to bring an atmosphere of love and compassion to the church by cultivating a climate of unity, serving others, and transformation. It is their sincere desire to reach outside of the walls of the church to implement change and to make a significant spiritual impact in the community. Pastor Grubb always asks this question: If the church were to close, would anyone in the community notice?  It is his vision that the church remain relevant and vital to the community, providing not only spiritual growth but also educational, vocational, and social services.

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