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Welcome to True Holy Church City of Refuge.

True Holy Church (THC), “City of Refuge” is a bible-based, Christ-centered, spirit-filled church founded upon the infallible Word of God. True Holy Church is a sanctuary in which all can enter into God’s house as you are to find love, hope, and safety.  It is our goal through the Word of God and the message of faith, to reach the lost and brokenhearted, to help those to reunite to Jesus Christ, to rediscover lost purpose, to rebuild their lives and to become productive in the Kingdom of God.  


The mission of True Holy Church, “City of Refuge” is to build the body of Christ by renewing the mind through spiritual growth, comprehensive training, family ministry, and support counseling for the participants and their families. True Holy Church’s mission is to be relevant to its community as well as the spiritual needs of the people who live there. To accomplish this, we continue to provide outreach services and partner with organizations to be a beacon of hope for the East New York community.

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